2011 Walking Tour of Roatan Island West End

West End is a considered the "tourist area" by the Roatan residents.  In West End, you will find lots of diving operators, gift shops, restaurants, people, and dogs.  West End has a sandy road which is occasionally scraped to smooth out the holes.  Driving on the sandy road is best described as a slow crawl.  Better to just park the car a walk.  End to end is about a half mile. There are vendors selling fresh vegetables as well as shrimp and fish from open trucks.  They offer good value and good food.  The West End road was paved in April 2011 and the electrical lines are to be buried underground. 

In 2015, the electric lines are still above ground and the many of the restaurants have not connected to the West End sewer system!

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Sunday, December 31, 2017
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