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Roatan's official time is now participating with daylight savings changes from Central Standard Time.

Airport departure tax as of January 2015 has gone up to approximately $39.  Note that as of Februrary 2015, this tax should be included in your tickets to Roatan.  Be sure to check with your carrier for this tax in the ticket price. 

Also travelers on American Airlines can expect to pay for their first checked bag that is checked when leaving Roatan!  Arriving into Roatan on American may not charge for your first checked bag.

Direct Gateway Cities to Roatan--additional flights added

Airline Gateway City from US Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
American Dallas Ft Worth         1 flight
10:50 AM
American Miami 1 flight
11:20 AM
1 flight
11:20 AM
  1 flight
11:20 AM
United Houston   January, February, and
February and
1 flight
January, February, and March February and March
United Newark 1 flight       1 flight  
Delta Atlanta         1 flight  
Delta San Francisco 1 flight Saturday          
Sunwing Toronto 1 flight          
TACA Houston         1 flight  
TACA Miami           1 flight

United has two roundtrips on Saturdays of each month leaving Houston at 9:30 AM arriving Roatan at 11:45 AM and leaving Houston at 12:50 PM arriving Roatan at 2:45 PM.  The flight is a "turn around flight" so it leaves Roatan at 1:30 PM arriving Houston at 4:10 PM and leaving Roatan at 4:30 PM arriving Houston at 7:20 PM.  United also has a Saturday flight from Newark, NJ departing at 9:50 AM and arriving at 1:35 PM.   The Newark return departs Roatan at 2:25 PM and arrives 7:45 PM.  The United Sunday flight departs Houston 10:25 AM and arrives Roatan at 1:10 PM.  The United Sunday return leaves Roatan at 2:00 PM and arrives Houston at 4:52 PM.  Be sure to check the seasonal flights offered by United for January, February and March at 1-800-231-0856 or The Delta Saturday service leaves Atlanta at 11:30 AM arriving Roatan at 1:42 PM and returns to Atlanta at 2:42 PM arriving Atlanta at 6:41 PM.  Delta also has a flight from San Francisco for $772 r/t.  Please  check Delta for the new schedule.  Be sure to check their schedule carefully as times may change.   Roatan is on Central Standard Time, you can see one or two hours of difference from local time in Miami depending upon the months that Miami participates with day light savings time.  Houston is Central Standard Time as is Roatan but Houston participates with daylight savings time changes and there can be a one hour difference in time zones.

Sunwing Airlines
-- Canadian Tourists Connection --

Sunwing flies charters from Toronto to Roatan on Mondays leaving Toronto at 6:20 AM and arrives at 9:05 AM.  Departs Roatan to Tornonto at 11:10 AM arriving Toronto at 4:15 PM.  Be sure to call them for short notice rates at 800 761-1711 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm in Toronto.


TACA leaves Houston on Saturday at 2:55 PM and arrives Roatan at 5:40 PM.  The flight from Roatan departs at 10:40 AM and arrives Houston at 1:40 PM.  The TACA Sunday flight leaves Miami 2:25 PM arriving Roatan 3:35 PM.  The Sunday  flight to Miami departs Roatan at 9:30 AM and arrives in Miami at 12:35 PM.

Now, "the rest of the story....".  The easiest way to get to Roatan, is to plan your trip for Saturday or Sunday through Atlanta, Houston, Miami or Newark. You may avoid all the hassles of making multiple connections and have a better chance of all your luggage arriving if you fly on a direct gateway city flight to Roatan.  You will also have a little more vacation time if you fly direct and not spend a full day traveling on arrival and departure.  You should consider using your frequent flyer miles with United.  American frequent flyer miles may get you to Roatan or just to San Pedro Sula on the mainland of Honduras. 

If the carriers do not have connections that you can make in Miami, Houston, or Atlanta, then consider going to the mainland of Honduras via another US airport either to San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa on American, United,  or TACA.  There are connecting flights into Roatan (see below for details). 


 ISLAND AIR connects with all arriving and departing international flights on Roatan, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba; including Delta, United and Sosa.  On demand charters are available.     For information, visit their website or call the numbers below.  

US Ph: 901 490-2624 Fax: 901-752-5630
Honduras Ph:504-9558-8683  24hr   

Airport Codes

Roatan Atlanta Houston Miami Newark San Pedro Sula Tegucigapla, La Ceiba

There are other non direct ways to get to Roatan via the mainland of Honduras.  However, your luggage may have a greater chance of not arriving with you.  Be prepared with a very small carry on of "essentials" that meets the airline size and weight requirements.  American and TACA are partners in frequent flyer programs to Roatan.  Once on the mainland, there are many connecting flights to Roatan.  United Airlines flies to Roatan,Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula via HoustonAmerican flies to San Pedro Sula.  See the connecting information below on getting from the mainland to Roatan above.  Be sure to visit the websites of American, United, Delta, and TACA for current information and pricing and direct and non direct flight alternatives.  You can also fly to El Salvador and work your way back to Roatan but it is not recommended unless you have travel plans for the multiple stops and schedule to make this route happen. 

Once you arrive in San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, you can easily connect to a commuter flight to Roatan and vice versa on SOSA.

TACA Offices
800 535-8780

 Roatan 2445-1387 or 2445-1919
La Ceiba  2441-2519, 2441-2534, 2441-2536 or 2440-0826
San Pedro Sula 2668-3333 
Tegucigalpa 2233-3566

Use TACA on direct flights into Roatan from Miami on Sunday and Houston on Saturday.

SOSA uses LET410's to fly from LaCeiba to Roatan.

Sosa Airline Offices Roatan 2445-1154 
Guanaja 2453-4359
Utila 2425-3161 
La Ceiba 2443-2512 

Sosa airline daily flight schedule*:

Roatan - La Ceiba 7:00 am La Ceiba - Roatan 6:30 am
Roatan - La Ceiba 9:30 am La Ceiba - Roatan 8:45am
Roatan - La Ceiba 12:30pm La Ceiba - Roatan 12:40pm
Roatan - La Ceiba 4:00 pm La Ceiba - Roatan 3:30 pm
Roatan - San Pedro Sula 7:30am San Pedro Sula - Roatan 8:00am 
Roatan - San Pedro Sula 9:30am San Pedro Sula - Roatan 2:00pm
Roatan - San Pedro Sula 2:30pm 
Roatan - Tegucigalpa 7:00 am Tegucigalpa - Roatan 8:00am
Roatan - Tegucigalpa 12:30pm Tegucigalpa - Roatan 2:00pm

*the schedule subject to change
Note: Only one Flight to San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa on Sunday's at 9:30 am. Return trip from San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa to Roatan to 2:00 pm.
Flights to San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Puerto Lempira and La Ceiba. 

Departing City

Arriving City


Departs Arrives Frequency
Tegucigalpa Roatan 3011 07:00 07:55 Daily
San Pedro Sula Roatan 3010 15:30 16:10 Daily
Roatan Tegucigalpa 3011 08:10 08:50 Daily
Roatan San Pedro Sula 3010 16:30 17:25 Daily

See or call 2445-0106 or 9522-5304 for more information.

American and United have flights into Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. There are several connecting flights on TACA, Atlantic Airlines, and SOSA to Roatan.  Be sure to consider using frequent flyer miles to get to Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula or directly to Roatan. 

Airport Arrival Tips

Picture of scanning machine at Roatan's airport.
When you depart the airplane and walk across the tarmac area, you will enter the line for immigrations.  Have your paper work ready and be sure you follow the date format of "dd/mm/yyyy" at the bottom of your visa form.  Then pick up your bags from the slow conveyor belt and place them thru what locals call the "chicken machine" above for "fruit" inspection.  Then the bags are placed on the customs inspection platform pictured above.  You exit thru the glass doors behind the chicken machine.  This is where most people are met on arrival.  Many resorts will have baggage handlers inside the customs area to pick up your bags. 
Picture of car rental counters at Roatan's airport.

Once thru the glass doors on the international arrival area, you will see several small booths or tables on the right for the rental car pick up.  These booths are normally staffed only when an international flight is disembarking passengers.  Several of the car agencies will not staff the booth unless there reservations for cars.  Be sure to have your reservation for a car in advance of your arrival.  Note that most car rental agencies deliver cars to resorts and private homes.  This area is where people picking you up for transportation to your rental will meet you. 

Ferry Connections

 Picture of ladies making the ferry crossing to Roatan from LaCeiba.
Another day on the ferry crossing.

High speed service has arrived for ferry crossings from La Ceiba to Roatan.  Safe Way Maritime took delivery of an "Incat Fast Ferry" in September 2006.  The Vessel is 150.9 ft  long and capable of carrying 460 passengers at a speed of 36 knots.  The trip will take approximately one hour on this vessel. 

Ferry Schedule and Fares in Lempira's 2011
(For US dollar fares scroll down to next section)




7:00 am Roatan 8:15 am La Ceiba
9:30 am La Ceiba 10:45 am Roatan
2:00 pm Roatan 3:15 pm La Ceiba
4:30 pm La Ceiba 5:45 pm Roatan

Fares - La Ceiba to Roatan

Normal Class

First Class

One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip
Adult 524 1,024 624 1,224
Child below 5 yrs 0 0 0 0
Child 5-10 yrs 284 544 324 624
Senior 60 yrs and more* 404 784 479 934

Fares - Roatan to La Ceiba
Normal Class First Class
One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip
Adult 500 1,024 600 1,224
Child below 5 yrs 0 0 0 0
Child 5-10 yrs 260 544 324 624
Senior 60 yrs and more 380 784 418 934

Senior discount for Hondurans and residents only

The Galaxy and Tropical Ferries owned by Safe Way Maritime Transportation Company ( or in Roatan 2445-1795 or 2445-1250  and in LaCeiba 2414-5739 or 2414-5740.  Sea travel between Roatan and LaCeiba is an approximate one and half hour trip and costs approximately +/- $28 one way. The Galaxy has satellite TV, seats for 360 passengers, and cruises at 25 knots.  There is a new terminal in La Ceiba and it is air-conditioned.   The Galaxy also carries regular and refrigerated cargo.  The new Roatan terminal shown below is in a mid-island location known as Dixon Cove.

Safeway Daily Ferry Service Terminal is in Dixon Bay near the new Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Terminal
2445-1795, 2445-1250 or 2443- 4630

Prices in US Dollars
Fares - LaCeiba and Roatan

  Normal Class First Class
  One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip
Adult 27.72 54.18 33.02 64.76
Child below 5 yrs 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child 5-10 yrs 15.03 28.78 17.14 33.02
Senior 60 yrs and more 21.38 41.48 25.34 49.42

Fares - Roatan to La Ceiba
  Normal Class First Class
  One Way Round Trip One Way Round Trip
Adult 26.46 54.18 31.75 64.76
Child below 5 yrs 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child 5-10 yrs 13.76 28.78 17.14 33.02
Senior 60 yrs and more 20.11 41.48 22.12 49.42

Senior discount for Hondurans and residents only

Galaxy Schedule Roatan to La Ceiba
Departs 7:00 AM
Arrives 8:15 AM
La Ceiba to Roatan
Departs 9:30 AM
Arrives 10:45 AM
Roatan to La Ceiba
Departs 2
:00 PM
Arrives 3:15 AM
La Ceiba to Roatan
Departs 4:30 PM
Arrives 5:45 PM

Utila Princess 
$21/adult each way
2425-3190 or 2408-5163

Princess Schedule
La Ceiba to Utila
Departs daily
9:30 AM and 4:00 PM
Utila to La Ceiba
Departs daily 6:20 AM and 2:00 PM

Cargo Transport via M/V Gibraltar

Loads Monday and Thursday at Porto Cortes on the mainland of Honduras.  Arrives Tuesday and Friday in Roatan for unloading.    The Roatan terminal is in Brick Bay across from the "Jackson Mansion".  Contact them via email at or phone in Roatan 2455-6019, 2408-9826 and in  Puerto Cortes at 2979-7722.  The Captain's cell phone is 9972-7722.

Cargo Transport via Hyde Shippping Corp

For shipping your items from the US (Miami) to Roatan, Hybur in French Harbour is option.  You can ge more details at 2455-7564 or email at or their web site at  US phone 305 913-4923

Cruise Lines

The Norwegian, Premier, and Sun Cruises make port calls on Roatan on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.  Radison, Wind Star, Commodore, and Regal also make port calls on a less frequent basis.  The cruise ship travel is seasonal and may not be operating the time of year you are planning a trip to Roatan.  Passengers can make arrangements on board ship for a variety of activities on Roatan.  Passengers can also venture off on their own to explore the island.  Cruise ship passengers will want to take note of the tourist tip information on taxis and check the tourist guide for tips on doing your own excursions.  The Coxen Hole terminal is in the process of expansion so that it will be able to accommodate three ships at one time.  Also, there is a dual terminal at Dixon Cove at the Coral Cay facility.  Expansion is going on at both terminals.

Local Water Taxi Service

Water taxi service between West Bay and West End. Water taxi service will pick you up near the Sueno Del Mar dive shop iand Foster's bar in West End.

Water taxi service is convenient and easy between West End and West Bay.   The fare is 50 Lempiras during the day.  There is a water taxi service from Oak Ridge to various eastern locations. 

Boat taxi from Oak Ridge to:
Barbaret  1000 Lempiras
Helene  800 Lempiras
Port Royal 500 Lempiras
Mangrove Bight 400 Lempiras 
Note:  We do not "book" or make reservations for the above activities. 
This information is provided solely to inform visitors of activities available on Roatan and is not an endorsement of the activity.

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