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Roatan Island Honduras is an adventure traveler's vacation paradise in the Caribbean. Roatan offers blue skies, sun drenched clear turquoise water, and year round temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.   Roatan Island lies 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras and is 33 miles long and 4 miles wide.  You won't find four star high-rise hotels, yet, but  you will find a new golf course, and several limited shopping malls.  You will find Roatan struggling with tourism, real estate development, and infrastructure support such as transportation, water, sewer, and power.  Roatan has improved trash removal.  Don't be surprised to find pristine areas next to unkempt property.  Roatan Island does offer first class scuba diving, scuba certification, outstanding snorkeling,  water activities including deep sea fishing, fly-fishing on the flats and mangroves, swimming with the dolphins, and ocean kayaking and jet ski rental  Land activities include a choice of canopy tours, riding horses, exploring lush tropical scenery, shopping for island crafts, eating at some of the best restaurants in Honduras, walking the beach and viewing the butterfly and floral gardens. The island has full service resorts and small, personal low-key resorts or you can rent a private home.  Below you will find many useful links for more Roatan tourist information. 

Attention Divers, Snorkelers, Fishermen, and Cruiseship Passengers

You are probably coming to visit Roatan for its world famous barrier reef and its marine life.  The Roatan Marine Park is a local non profit organization that together with the Bay Island Conservation Association co-manages the Bay Island Marine Reserve.  This group operates under a Memorandum of Agreement with the National Institute of Conservation and Forestry Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife to manage the marine protected area along the northwest coast of Roatan.  This non governmental organization operates from donations from individuals, Roatan businesses and profits from its Eco Store.  Your participation is critical to keeping the Roatan Marine Sanctuary a world class snorkeling and diving location to visit.  To learn more about how you can contribute and participate in their activities, click here.  You can also visit their headquarters in West End. They are located just across from the white church.  Stop in and checkout their Eco Store and make a purchase or a donation!  

West End map of Roatan.
Maps of Honduras
Roatan Locator Maps

West End to Coxen Hole
Airport to French Harbour
French Harbour
Oak Ridge to Port Royal
Port Royal to Barbareta
Tourist Activities
Picture of cruise ship off Roatan.
Tourist activities on Roatan
Ports of Entry:
Coxen Hole
Mahagony Bay
Tourist Tips
What every traveler should know
including the official taxi rates

French Angelfish close up by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Scuba and Snorkel Guide to Roatan
78+ dive sites and photos

Independent Roatan
Dive Operators
GIF illustration of person under a palm tree.

Macro Photo Marine
Roatan's sea life

Air Transportation
Ferry Schedules

How to get to Roatan
Airline arrival tips

Popular RestaurantsGIF illustration of waiter.
-- or --

If you are looking for small local restaurants, check the link below:
Off The Beaten Path

Nothing fancy about these
Crystal Beach Cabins
Lodging, Boat Tours, Snorkeling
Different Types of Tours on Roatan
Sail Boat Tours
Power Boat Island Tours

Taxi Tours

Butterfly Garden

Roatan Natural Soapworks
GIF illustratiion of a shark.
Deep Sea and Flats

Tourist Phone, Website,
and Email

GIF illustratiion of an Iguana.
Arch Sherman's
Iguana Farm

"Yubu Garifuna Experience"
Yaba Ding Ding
New Souvenir's Gifts

Car Rentals
Caribbean Rent A Car
There are a lot of choices of rental car companies

What to do with Lionfish
Coming Soon
Canopy Slide Zip Lines
Tabyana Beach, Palmetto Bay,
 Jungle River, South Shore and others

Grocery Stores
  Plaza Mar, Eldon's,  Mini Mart, Woody's, and Pulperias (tiendas) around the island

Carambola Garden
"A Walk in the Woods"
The temperature on Roatan is
Click for Roatan, Honduras Forecast
Animated GIF of a swimmer with sun glasses.
Weather Details

GIF illustration of people walking.
Walking Tour 2013 New Paved Road and Infrastructure in West End

Picture of a Julia butterfly on Roatan.
Stop and Smell the Flowers

At the same time you will
find butterflies doing the same

Hummingbirds on
Honduras and Roatan

Bird Sightings
Picture of a Roadside Hawk on Roatan.
Critters and other stuff
Bringing children to Roatan?
Bringing a pet to Roatan?

Must Have Publications
Honduras Tips
The Bay Islands Voice
Honduras This Week
and others

Spooky Channel Adventures
Above Water
and Below Water
 GIF illustration of an astronomer. 
Star Charts for Roatan

Blue Harbor Plantation Hydroponic Garden
The best vegetables on Roatan
Animated GIF of an instructor.
¿ Habla Español ?
Want to learn Spanish while on Roatan?
GIF illustration.
What are the real taxi rates?


The Roatan Travel Network
Highlights of Roatan in a 2 hour video.  Also available on YouTube

GIF illustratation of a pirate.
History of Roatan

Pirates and Garifuna

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