Roatan Island Tourist Guide Pictures

The pictures below represent a small view of what you are likely to encounter on Roatan.  Divers will want to review our companion Diver's Guide.  The dive guide covers 35 popular scuba and snorkel sites in Roatan.  An additional 43 sites are being complied to be added and will be available soon. 

Garifuna Dancers

Picture of the overlook at Oakridge harbor on Roatan.
Oakridge Harbour
Home to one of many large commercial fishing fleets in Roatan

Picture of Melvin a local wood carver on Roatan Island.
Melvin Bodden
Local wood carver

Picture of Bite on the Beach restaurant in West Bay.
"Bite on the Beach"
One of many restaurants
in Roatan

Picture of sponge tube formation.
Great diving and snorkeling

Picture of tourists on the West Bay beach.
West Bay Beach
A favorite for cruise ship travelers

Picture of one of the many flowers found on Roatan.
Stop and smell the flowers

Picture of James Thomas at Happy Divers.
Come see James at Happy Divers

Picture of a whale shark and snorkeler in Spooky Channel,
Whale Sharks
Spotted at Spooky Channel while snorkeling


Picture of a water taxi in West Bay.
Water Taxi
Service in West End and West Bay areas


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