Official Taxi Rates

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Taxis are an easy and affordable way to get around the island of Roatan. Mini buses are even less expensive.  The local taxi unions and the government came to a resolution on January 10, 2014 to set the rates for the taxis.  In March 2015, the airport manager has posted his own set of rates which can be seen below.  The rate remained the same thru 2017.  A note will be posted soon if the rates have "officially" changed in 2018.  The rate list below is the official rate but as a tourist, you may find some drivers trying to get more for an established fare.  Paying too much for a fare will ultimately end up with "local inflation" which means everyone will be paying more.  Always check with the driver prior to getting into the cab about the rate per person, whether you are requesting a direct or private service fare ride, and whether the rate being quoted is in dollars or lempiras. Hour long fares are set at 230 Lempiras and this should be reflective of a "tour" rate and not a taxi fare. 

During the day, taxi passengers can choose between a direct service trip called “privado” or sharing a cab called "colectivos". The rates below are for the daily daytime hours of 6 AM to 6 PM.  After 6 PM, the taxi rates will increase slightly and you must determine the rate before getting in to the taxi.  Note that these rates below are per person and are for pick up and drop off only along the "main road".   If you venture off the main road into a driveway, you should expect to pay an additional 5 to 10 Lempiras.  Off road drop off should be negotiated before you get into the taxi.  Note that the fares below could change with a new agreement between the taxi unions and the government.  If you are being quoted rates completely different than illustrated here, then ask the driver to see the official rate sheet (illustrated further down this page) with the "stampolas" on the page.  Look for the date of signing which is just above the stamps in the rate sheet below.  If the driver doesn't have a rate sheet, better to find a cab that has one or a driver that will quote the correct rate! 

Typical Tourist Routes and Rates
Not all routes shown, see the full rate sheet
below.  Most tourists stay between French Harbor and West Bay. 
Editorial note:  Don't venture to the eastern end of the island or areas not normally travelled by the taxis and tourists. 

Coxen Hole Route

Coxen Hole Direct Trips
(Route seldom used by tourists)

French Harbor Route
(Route seldom used by tourists)

Galaxy Terminal Ferry Fares

Galaxy Ferry Direct Ride Fare (Note in US Dollars)

Santos Guardiola Routes
(Route seldom used by tourists)

Santos Guardiola Direct Ride Fare
(Route seldom used by tourists)

Official Taxi Rate Sheet

This is the current rate for 2015 but the rates have not changed in 2017.  "Yate" in the sheet means the Galaxy Ferry Terminal which is directly next to Mahagony Bay. 

Basically, the red Spanish above the "stampolas" indicates a 5 to 10 Lempiras additional charge for a drop off from the main road.  The additional charge is either 5 or 10 Lempiras but should be negotiated with the driver in advance.  Also, the hourly tour rate is 230 Lempiras. 

Airport Taxi Rates
Note 1 to 4 people in the taxi.  Just about impossible to put 4 people in a taxi and have any luggage!

Note that walking out of the parking lot at the airport, you should be under the negotiated rates rules of the government.  The airport is part of Coxen Hole and the rates around the island are significantly less.

There are other independent tours offered around the island and these are currently not regulated.  Do not confuse a taxi ride with a tour.

"Tour rates" not taxi fare rates from the Coxen Hole Terminal
Picture of sign showing tour rates at ship terminal dock.

Water taxi service will pick you up near the Sueno Del Mar dive shop iand Foster's bar in West End.

Water taxi service is convenient and easy between West End and West Bay.   This is a relatively quick and short trip in relatively calm water near the shoreline.  The fare is $3 or 60 Lempiras during the day.   Rates will be slightly higher after 6 PM.  Check the rate and plan your trip accordingly.  Look for the pier near the Eagle Ray Restaurant in West End.  The return trip from West Bay has two pickup spots and you'll easily recognize where to catch a ride.  Water taxis will go to other areas on the island and be sure to confirm the fee before taking the trip.