Roatan Island Tourist Shopping Locations

Good shopping can be found at the cruise ship dock when the cruise ships are in port.  Beware of special locations that some taxi drivers say are "good" places to shop if you are a cruise ship passenger.  West End will have lots of shops and there will be vendors on the beaches when cruise ships are in port.  The shops indicated below have merchandise that is pretty typical of the products available on Roatan.  "Good" buys have been reported at the cruise ship dock on many of the message boards used by cruise ship passengers.  Pricing varies and a little bargaining is normal.  The shops below have pretty good quality at reasonable prices.  Cigars can be found in the shops.

Yaba Ding Ding shop sign picture. Yaba Ding Ding is located next to Coxen Hole ship terminal entry in a small gallery.  Here you will find clothing and art crafts typical of the region.  The shop owner is Teresa Anderson, phone 2445-1683, and email of or  See the Coxen Hole map for Warren's Grocery Store.

 Payan symbol logo of the New Souvenir Gift shop.
New Souvenirs and Tours is located at the Plaza Mar Shopping center just outside of Coxen Hole above the grocery store.  Here you will find a good selection of Caribbean gifts and local items.   Many items typical of Honduras and Guatemala can be purchased here.  Mery Kamar, proprietor, can be reached at 2445-1849.  Pictures and more information along with a special discount notice.  Open 8 AM to 6 PM. 
The Halu-Kiliki Souvenirs gift shop is located near the Petro Sun gas station on the main road at the back entrance to Coxen Hole (dirt road).  You could walk there from the Coxen Hole ship terminal but better to take a taxi to there.  After seeing what is available, continue on with your island tour or shore excursion plans with the taxi.  On the return to the ship, stop back at Halu-Kiliki and make your purchases with a credit card while the taxi waits.  All wooden and painted ceramics are hand-made by Lenca Indians.
At the cruise ship dock there are many shops.  Most of the shops sell stuff that is not from Honduras.  Hand carved items and items without a high gloss finish are probably from Honduras.  Shop carefully as you can always get a better price away from the dock area.

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