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You are probably coming to visit Roatan for its world famous barrier reef and its marine life.  The Roatan Marine Park is a local non profit organization that together with the Bay Island Conservation Association co-manages the Bay Island Marine Reserve.  This group operates under a Memorandum of Agreement with the National Institute of Conservation and Forestry Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife to manage the marine protected area along the northwest coast of Roatan.  This non governmental organization operates from donations from individuals, Roatan businesses and profits from its Eco Store.  Your participation is critical to keeping the Roatan Marine Sanctuary a world class snorkeling and diving location to visit.  To learn more about how you can contribute and participate in their activities, click here.  You can also visit their headquarters in West End. They are located just across from the white church.  Stop in and checkout their Eco Store and make a purchase or a donation!  

Trumpetfish photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Trumpetfish photo by Carlos Gordon

Information by Native Sons Divers

Beginning dive area
Depth of 10 to 40 feet
Located inside the reef in West End

This is a perfect dive for beginners, snorkelers, or those looking for a shallow reef.  The mooring is in 15 feet of water by a large sand patch surrounded by beautiful coral.  A short distance out the wall drops form 10 feet to 40 feet.   The top of the wall is always crowded with wrasse, Bermuda Chubb and lost of smaller colorful fishes.  Below is a vast sand patch with intermittent coral mounds.   You will quite often see Atlantic stingrays buried in the sand or gliding off, disturbed by your presence.

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