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You are probably coming to visit Roatan for its world famous barrier reef and its marine life.  The Roatan Marine Park is a local non profit organization that together with the Bay Island Conservation Association co-manages the Bay Island Marine Reserve.  This group operates under a Memorandum of Agreement with the National Institute of Conservation and Forestry Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife to manage the marine protected area along the northwest coast of Roatan.  This non governmental organization operates from donations from individuals, Roatan businesses and profits from its Eco Store.  Your participation is critical to keeping the Roatan Marine Sanctuary a world class snorkeling and diving location to visit.  To learn more about how you can contribute and participate in their activities, click here.  You can also visit their headquarters in West End. They are located just across from the white church.  Stop in and checkout their Eco Store and make a purchase or a donation!  

Roatan Island has over 132 dive and snorkeling sites which are listed on a chart on this link.   Even though Roatan has a lot of dive sites, there are at least 25 sites that are readily accessible to tourists.  The 25 sites are numbered on the map below.   Weather rarely affects diving on the entire island.  Generally speaking, the northwest side of the island is protected most of the year from the normal southeast trade winds except for the short rainy season in December and January.  Even in December and January, the West End area and northern side may be calm and enjoy excellent diving conditions.  If wind conditions or weather becomes and issue, the dive operators and resorts will simply move their boats to the "lee side" of the island and calmer waters.  Thus, when planning your diving vacation, you should not need to worry about the weather.

Picture of sea anenome, ribbon coral, and brain coral on Roatan Island.
Sea and brain coral

Blue tube formation on Roatan Island.
Blue tube formation

Picture of turtle swimming off the West End of Roatan.

Photos above courtesy of Matt Hoover, West End Digital

The most popular dive sites are listed in groups of 5 sites to speed the loading when viewing.  Just move your cursor over the number in the map and click or scroll down this page to view a quick index of the 25 sites.  

Hot spot link link to dive site numbered 25 for Roatan Island. Hot spot link to dive site 24 of Roatan Island. Hot spot link for dive sites 22 and 23 on Roatan Island. Hot spot link to dive site 21 on Roatan Island. Hot spot liink to dive sites numbered 16 to 20 for Roatan Island. Hot spot link in picture to dives sites numbered 11 to 15 on Roatan Island. Hot spot link in picture for dive sites 11 to 14 on Roatan Island. Hot spot link to dive sites numbered 6 to 10 on Roatan Island. Hot spot link in picture to dive sites numbered 1 to 5 on Roatan Island. Roatan has 78 documented dives sites and only 25 are linked to this map.

Index of the 25 popular dive sites on Roatan

1  Spooky Channel
2  Bear Den
3  Peter's Place
4  Eagle's Nest

5  Fish Den
6  Canyon Reef
7  Hole in the Wall
8  Dive Master's Choice
9  Half Moon Bay
10 Blue Channel

11 West End Beach
12 West End Wall
13 Herbie's Place
14 Enchanted Forest
15 Insidious Reef
16 Mary's Place
17 Valley of the Kings
18 Forty Foot Point
19 Inside and Outside Chimneys
20 Channel Shore
21 Parrot Tree
22 Helene
23 Barbareta and Morat Walls
24 Verde Grande
25 1912 Wreck

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