Typical Reef Topology around Roatan Island

The following illustration is a generalization of the type of diving you will find in Roatan.  

GIF illustration of the typical reef topology around Roatan Island.

Roatan has been characterized as a wall diving location due to its many wall dive sites.  However, there are just as many shallow dive locations that snorkelers and divers routinely use.   Roatan is surrounded by a barrier reef that lies approximately 300 feet from the shore line.  Many of the dive sites are easily accessed from shore by snorkelers and divers.  Divers have the added advantage of having the dive shop boat take them to one of the many mooring sites.  There, the divers can easily access the site with an in water dive master and the boat crew waiting nearby for the pickup.  Mooring sites are located on the inside of the reef and on the outer shelf near the wall drop off.  There are several popular drift dive sites and these may not have moorings.  The boat crew will drift with the dive group for pick up.  There are only a few spots where the reef is exposed above the normal waterline as illustrated below.  Please keep in mind that the reef crest is typically underwater by only about one foot and only in a few places can you swim over the reef crest.  Excellent diving will be found on the inside and outside of the reef.  Roatan is famous for its wall diving sites and excellent variety of marine life.  It has been estimated that you can see 90% of all the marine life in the Caribbean in Roatan.  Roatan has 78 documented sites and information about those sites are being developed for this web site.  You will find that information in the dive guide.  

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