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Juvenile spotted drumfish by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Spotted drum fish photo by Carlos Gordon

Information by Native Sons Divers

Wall dive on North Shore
Depth 15 to 130 feet

This is another ideal spot for beginners but also perfect for advanced dives.  Close to the mooring, which is in 15 feet of water and very close to the wall, is a small sand patch.  Swimming back from the mooring into a shallow rocky area you can find a little grotto which is usually home to huge king crabs and lots of lobsters.  The top of the wall, at 30 feet, is covered with beautiful corals and usually crowded with fish.  Turn left along the wall and after about 5 minutes you will come across a dramatic outcrop forming a peninsula jutting out from the wall.   The top is at 80 feet but you can descend down to 130 feet to circle it.  The far side which, usually catches the northerly current, is covered in gorgonia.

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