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Picture of deep water gregorian taken by Carlos Gordon on Roatan Island.
Deep Water Gorgonians photo by Carlos Gordon

Information by Native Sons Divers

Depth range is 90 feet
Wall Dive

This dive begins at a large mooring in about 30 feet of water at the top of a beautiful wall.  Around the mooring is an interesting area of shallow canyons and small sand patches.  A small wall rises up to about 10 feet.  Following this small wall to the north you will find a beautiful overhang topped with pillar corals and full of nooks and cranny's where squirrelfish and lobsters love to hide.  From the mooring and turning north along the wall there is a stunning cliff covered with gorgonians and large barrel sponges.  Further on you will come across another place where the wall juts out and is covered by some of the most beautiful corals you will find in Roatan,   The top of the wall is crowded with wrasse and groupers.  Turtles are usually spotted here.

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