Lighthouse 1 Dive Site on Roatan Island

Blue tang photo by Tony Hovsfall.
Blue Tang photo by Tony Hovsfall

Information by Native Sons Divers

Basic dive area
Depth 15 to 110 feet
Wall dive

This is a good site for all dive level certifications.  The mooring is in 15 feet of water by a large sand patch.  To the north is an even larger sand patch and between this and the wall is a beautiful area of shallow corals.  80 feet out form the mooring, the wall drops off.  The top of the wall is about 40 feet deep and the corals go down to about 100 feet.  The wall is beautiful on both to the north and the to the south.  Lighthouse is popular for night dives as the shallow area around the mooring has many basket stars, lobsters and a good chance of seeing octopus.

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