Roatan Iguana Farm
on Roatan

Picture of an Iguana hanging on to a tree branch at Shermans Iguana Farm on Roatan Island.

One of the little known treasures on Roatan is Sherman Arch's Iguana Farm.  The Iguana Farm is located along the main paved road in French Key, just past the French Harbour turn off when you are traveling west.  Sherman started his Iguana Hideout about 18 years ago and it is a good thing he did.  Iguanas have long been the basic ingredient to make iguana stew on Roatan.  While today, the iguana is "supposed" to be a protected species on the island, try to tell that to the sling shot totting hunters anytime around any holiday!  Today, you will still see iguanas and Wishy Willy Lizards in the open spaces but it they are seen, they will soon be on the run from the "hunters".

Sherman's "farm" got pretty serious a few years back as the iguana grapevine got the word out that Sherman's was a great place not be eaten.  Today, about 2700 iguanas roam freely about his property!  The farm is a family operation now with four children and a wife who help with the feeding and care of the iguanas.  Feeding time is early afternoon and it is the best time to arrive if you want to handle the iguanas.  Check this place out, it is only a $8/person admission charge.  Kids and adults of all ages are welcome.  Open daily 8 AM to 4 PM.  Telephone 2445-7743.

Picture of Bill Orr holding an iguana. Picture of a child holding an iguana. Picture of a Wishey Willy lizard on a tree stump at the Vista Villas.

These guys are big!

Wishy Willy Lizard

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