Roatan Island Grocery Stores

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Grocery stores and pharmacies have vastly improved in 2017.  Below is a brief description of the grocery stores around Roatan.  Tourists and residents will find the larger stores well supplied and many products from the US.  Tourists might check the small local stores for some local items to snack on while they are touring.  Besides the obvious cold drinks, there are products like plantain or banana chips that might spark your taste.

Picture of a typical island mini store on Roatan Island.
Grocery on West End sand road

Picture of Woodies grocery store in West End Roatan.
Woody's on West End sand road

Picture of Emily's mini store along the main road in Sandy Bay.
Emily's pulparia on main road near
 Sandy Bay

Roatan has a variety of grocery stores ranging from modern to basic.   Above are a few of the smaller stores.  The most notable and largest stores are Plaza Mar near the airport, Eldon's (Sun Grocery Store) in French Harbour and Coxen Hole , the Hiper Mega in the Mega Plaza Grocery, and Warren's (now owned by Eldon) in Coxen Hole.  Eldon's (two locations now) in French Harbor and just behind the Bojangles in Coxen Hole has the best selection of groceries and other items.  A small grocery store is Woody's in West End.   

Warren's is now the Sun Grocery in Coxen Hole

Plaza Mar Grocery and shops on the second level

Hiper Mega is in the Mega Mall in French Harbour  This store closed!

Sun Grocery (Eldons) in French Harbour.  Don't be fooled by the warehouse appearance.  Perhaps the best grocery shopping on the island.

The local residents will use the "Mercado" in Coxen Hole and one of the many "pulperias" scattered around the island.  The Mercado Municipal is an open air and stall building complex with vegetables, meats, and household items in the residential center of Coxen Hole.  


Additionally, there are several fish vendors along the street in Coxen Hole. 

Picture of a pickup truck selling groceries on Roatan.

In the residential areas, there are vegetable and fish vendors that will drive through the neighborhood with a pick up truck loaded with fresh fish and mainland vegetables and fruits.  As of 2010, most of these vendors now park on the sand road in West End and sell their produce.  Usually, there are 5 or 6 pickup trucks with loaded with fresh vegetables.  Bread and tortillas are made on the island. 

Don't expect to find a lot of locally grown items other than the great lettuce from the Blue Harbour Plantation hydroponic garden near Sandy Bay.  Most of the vegetables come from the mainland.  Coconuts, guacamole, breadfruit, mangos, grapefruit and oranges are readily available when they are in season.  Just about everything else is comes from the mainland of Honduras or shipped directly in from the US.   Follow the links to see pictures of the Plaza Mar, Hiper Mega, Eldon's, Woody's and the Mini Mart store interiors.

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