Gibson Bight Dive Site
on Roatan Island      

Green moarys photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Green Morays photo by Carlos Gordon

Information by Native Sons Divers

Located on the north shore near Half Moon Bay
Depth range is 90 feet
Wall Dive

The mooring is in 15 feet of water on the top of the wall.  Just to the side is a nice little canyon which can swim down to arrive out onto the wall.   Turning to the left and swimming at about 80 feet you will find an enormous old barrel sponge.  A little further on you can swim down a dramatic canyon taking you into the channel that leads to Gibson Bite.  the visibility here is often bad but the large mound to your right exiting the canyon is worth a detailed look.  Coming back along the top of the wall, you'll see lots of interesting canyons to your right.   These are well worth exploring.  Half way back to the mooring is an overhang under which you is a fun little swim through.  The wall of the overhand is really beautiful especially if you have a flash light to bring out the redness of the encrusting corals.  Spotted eagle rays come in to feed at Gibson Bite so you have a chance of seeing them gliding along off the wall.

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