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There are many dive operators located throughout Roatan Island.  Many resorts run their own dive shops.    Dive prices vary throughout the island.  There are many dive shops in West End at Coconut Tree,  Reef Gliders, Bottom Time Divers, Sueno del Mar, and West End Divers.  All of the dive shops located in West End are easily located by walking down the dirt road in West End.  Tourists will have no problem finding a dive shop in West End.  There are dive shops in West Bay such as Bananarama.

French Angel fish photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Dive Guide to Roatan

All dive activities are subject to weather and sea conditions permitting safe operations. During a weekly vacation, divers are not permitted to dive 24 hours before the day of departure if they are traveling by air. The dive rates listed below include local taxes, tanks, and weight belts. Rental equipment is available.  Many tourists bring their own mask, snorkel, fins and light weight wet suit.  If you bring you mask, fins, snorkel, buoyancy compensator, regulator, and wet suit, your diving costs will be reduced.  The dive operators will supply tanks and weight belts.

Unlimited snorkeling is anywhere on Roatan.  

You must bring your dive certification card.  Some dive operators also accept a dive log book and all accept the Universal Referral Form.  Certifications are available at all levels including NAUI, PADI, SSI, PDIC, TDI and Universal Referrals.  Most dive operators offer a  PADI  open water beginners' course.  Beyond the basic programs which are listed below, advanced NAUI and PADI courses are available on entry level Nitrox ( 2 day course with 2 dives), and advanced Nitrox (2 day course with 4 dives).  Decompression techniques (4 day course with 6 dives), extended range (6 dives), and Tri-Mix 1 and 2 classes are provided by Bay Islands Beach Resort.   Pre dive qualification is required on all advanced courses.   Entry level PADI certifications range from $200 to $345 for open water courses.

Daily single tank dive rates range from $35 to $40 with tanks and weights included.   Weekly dive programs consisting of 10 dives is approximately $300.  Weekly rates with ALL equipment included range from $415 to $485.   It is customary to tip the boat operators, dive guide or instructors. Tips generally range from 10 to 20%.  All operators accept payment in the Honduran Lempira or US dollars.  Credit cards are becoming generally accepted at dive shops. 

Courses -- Approximate Costs

Beginning dive course $280
Advanced dive course $280
Medic First aid $100
Rescue $330
Dive master $700
Resort  course (non certification) $100
Discover Scuba $100


Dive single $35 - 40
Night dives Add $5 to 10 to regular dive rate
Snorkel rental (24 Hour)      $10 per set

Marine Reserve Fees

Add $1.00 per dive for the Marine Reserve.  The Marine Reserve fee applies to training and fun dives.   The maximum fee charged for the Marine Reserve is $10/person per visit to Roatan.   There is a voluntary $1.00 fee for snorkeling visits in the Marine Reserve.

The new dive regulations and fees require that with boat dives, a Dive Master be in the water to monitor divers at all times, and that a boat crew member MUST remain in attendance at the dive site.

Picture of Betty getting kissed by a dolphin.

Dolphin swims, dives and course are available with the Institute for Marine Sciences located at Anthony's Key.  Dolphin swims, dives and course are available with the Institute for Marine Sciences located at Anthony's Key.  For a description of the Anthony's Key Resort dolphin programs, please click here.

 Below are just some of the independent dive operators.  All the resorts also offer diving.

Dive Operators

Email Address
Web Site


US Phone


www.bananaramadive.com 2445-5005
Bay Islands Aggressor IV, Parrot Tree   2445-0380  
Bottom Time Divers   3304-0937

Coconut Tree Divers

 coconuttreedivers@yahoo.com 2445-1648
2445-4088 Restaurant

Native Son Divers

www.nativesonsroatan.com 2445-1214
Ocean Connections Divers www.ocean-connections.com 3327-0935
TGI Divers   2403-8049  
Tyll's Dive Shop www.tyllsdive.com 2403-8852  
Waihuka Diving, Dixon Cove www.sharkdiveroatan.com 2445-1283  

Note:  We do not "book" or make reservations for the above activities. 
This information is provided solely to inform visitors of activities available on Roatan and is not an endorsement of the activity.


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