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6  Canyon Reef
Depth 10 to 155 feet with boat access:

Soft coral photo taken by Rick Reno
Soft Corals
Photo by Rick Reno

Canyon Reef has lots of towers of pillar corals in a depth of 10 to 150 feet.  The terrain looks like a canyon with massive clefts in the walls and ravines.  There are tunnels that zigzag to the shallow areas.  The current in this area makes this a great drift dive location. 

7  Hole in the Wall
Depth 45 to 135+ feet with boat access:

Tunicates photo taken  by Rick Reno on Roatan Island.
Photo by Rick Reno

Hole in the Wall has numerous caves and chutes at depths of 45 to 135 feet.  One very large chute is 30 feet wide and drops to 140 foot depth.  Big grouper, barracuda, spotted rays, and hawksbill turtles are common in this location. 

8  Dive Master's Choice
Latitude 16 18.565 minutes North
Longitude 86 34.148 minutes West
Depth 5 to 110 feet with shore or boat access:

White spotted filefish photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
White spotted filefish
Photo by Carlos Gordon

Dive Master's Choice is directly in front of the Seagrape Plantation Resort and about 120 feet from the iron shores.  Snorkelers enter the water from cement steps in the iron shores, the only practical way of getting in or out of the water in this area.  The shelf has a gentle slope and then drops off dramatically.  Sergeant majors, parrotfish's, red hinds, spotfin, butterfly fish, turtles, and eagle rays will be seen with lots of sponges.  This is an excellent area to dive the wall line.  

9  Half Moon Bay Wall
Latitude 16  18.378 minutes North
Longitude 86 35.868 West
Depth 20 to 130+ feet with shore or boat access:
New banded shrimp photo by Matt Hoover, West End Digital, Roatan.
Banded Coral Shrimp in Sponge
Photo by Matt Hoover

Half Moon Bay Wall is a semicircular wall that begins at 20 feet as a gradually declining slope.  At depth of 60 feet, the slope levels off for s short distance than drops to over 100 feet in a semi-circular wall.   Hard corals, sea fans, sponges, and soft corals are found on the upper sections.   The drop off has large orange elephant ear sponges, azure vase sponges, and soft corals.  This area was once above water and it shows the evidence of prehistoric above water times. 

10  Blue Channel
Depth 5 to 50 feet with shore or boat access
Blue channel moray ell photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Blue Channel Moray
Photo by Carlos Gordon

Blue Channel is located about 300 feet from Suena Del Mar's beachfront.  A 30 foot deep channel parallels the shore.  The southern wall of the channel has caves.  Schools of tangs, grunts, and snapper are common to this area. 

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