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Cruise Ship Terminal within a short walking distance to Coxen Hole

Coxen Hole is the largest city and capital of the Bay Islands.  In Coxen Hole, you will find the local mercado (super market), ship docks, ferry terminal, banks, small hotels, post office, customs, immigration, and small shops.  Credomatic for Visa and MasterCard advances is located in Coxen Hole.  Using your Visa card to obtain cash will incur additional charges for a phone call to your bank to verify the card and an exchange rate charge.  US dollars are widely accepted, if not preferred, throughout Roatan.  Taxi service is readily available.  Be sure to confirm the taxi price to your destination prior to taking the trip.   Taxi rates are supposed to be fixed by Mayoral Order from the ship terminal on the east side of Coxen Hole to major tourist locations on the island.  There is regular bus and van service for French Harbour and Oakridge, as well as Sandy Bay and West End. 

January 10, 2014 Official Taxi Fares are listed on this link.

Picture of looking east on the main road in Coxen Hole.
Coxen Hole looking east on the main road at
Warren's Grocery Store (now Eldon's) on right.

Picture looking west on the main road in Coxen Hole.
Looking west on the main road in Coxen Hole.
Both pictures taken on a very overcast day.

Picture of Bojangles fast food chicken sign. Bojangles Chicken is located next to the new gas station on the island just outside of Coxen Hole on the main island road.   See the Coxen Hole map above.  "Fast food" fried chicken is the specialty.  Pizza Inn shares the building with Bojangles Pizza Inn is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers pizza and other Italian specialies. Both the chicken and pizza are very good.  Expect high calorie high fat content!

Victoria's Sports Bar Cafe (formerly Que Tal and Kiwi) has moved to Lawson's Rock off the main road towards Sandy Bay in the condo area.  Good deli sandwiches, fresh fruit frescos and home baked cookies can be found here.  Open for breakfast and lunch, they close around 4:00 PM. 
Plaza Mar Restaurant is located at Plaza Mar Mall on the second floor.  The plaza is above and left of the gas station and the Bojangles restaurant at the western entrance Coxen Hole The restaurant offers the best view of Coxen Hole, especially when a cruise ship is in port, since it has a direct view to the dock.  Local food at inexpensive prices.

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