Church Wall Dive Site
on Roatan Island Honduras
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Octopus encrusted sponge photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Photo and information by Carlos Gordon

Located on the south shore off Oak Ridge
Depth range is 20 to 200 feet
Wall Dive

At the mooring line there is a depth of 20 feet.  Upon entering the water, at the mooring line, the depth slopes towards a wall at a depth of 50 feet.   The are lots of soft corals moving with the small waves and current in this area.   Common sea fans and large sea rods create a garden of soft coral.  The wall suddenly drops to 80, 100  and 200 foot depths.  Along the wall there are large sponges, sea wisps and sea fans.  There is a small hoe and crevice where you'll find large king crabs, spotted lobsters, and eels.  This is a perfect location to do wide angle photography.

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