Roatan Butterfly Garden

This location is closed till further notice.

Picture of a Julia butterfly.

Picture of the Queen Long Wing at the Butterfly Garden.
Queen Long Wing

The Butterfly Garden was located just before the entrance to West End along the main road on the left or southern side.  Just look for the large entrance sign and enter the driveway.  There is a small parking area and a landscaped path to the butterfly enclosure.  There are a wide variety of exotic plants surrounding the area and tropical fruit trees.  At the small gift shop there is a nice selection of butterflies that have been mounted for display and some local crafts.  The Garden is open 9-5 daily, closed Saturday and the entrance fee is $7.00 US for adults and $5.00 for children under 10 years.  They normally have 15 to 20 butterfly species in a 3000 square foot  enclosure which you will enter.  There may be as many as 200 butterflies to capture your attention. A display depicts development from the pupa sacks to a full stage butterfly.    Be sure to bring your camera as it will be easy to take photographs.  Scroll down to view some of the unusual and colorful Honduran butterflies that you may see there.  Be sure to click on "select image"  below. 

Butterflies Pictures taken at the Butterfly Garden on Roatan Island.

Photos taken by Antonio Matias

Butterfly Garden   Phone 2445-4481

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