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The Roatan bird park closed and moved to Copan ( on the mainland of Honduras.   Their phone number is 2651-4245. The new location is of 9 AM to 5 PM throughout the year.   Email is  Visit the coffee plantation and Copan ruins while you visit the Copan area.

However, you can still find lots of birds in the wild and some in captivity around the island.  Here's a brief sample of some of the birds.  For more things to see, check out our "Critter" page.  Two of the pictures below are pretty rare sightings.  The Chestnut Chested Heron,Yellow Crested Night Heron,  and the Forked Tailed Canivet Emerald Hummingbird.  Be sure to check the Hummingbird section.  The usual hawks are getting larger and appear to be hunting routinely in our area.








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